Advertising Solutions

An integrated tool for consolidated reporting and media buying


Why use
Advertising in India?

Single view of users
and consolidated reports

Gain a single view of users and analyze the performance of ads across multiple channels with the help of campaign manager and DV360. This enables users to work on a single ad unit, helping to streamline all processes.

Leverage rich
media creatives

Create interactive ads like Parallax, Flipbook, Cue Cards, and Audio banners to engage with your target group. The use of multiple ad formats helps your creatives stand out, offering a rich experience for viewers, which helps boost ad recall as well.

Comprehensive targeting
and improved tracking

With audience insights and mining, you can optimise campaigns with efficiency and produce elevated results. Sequenced Messaging campaigns can also be run on the Display Network to drive audiences down the marketing funnel.

Widen your
audience pool

Access a larger inventory and reach audiences across various publishers, OTT’s and audio streaming services. Frequency capping also allows you to control ad exposure for each unique user across platforms and within the same budget.

Ad fraud and
brand control

Secure your ads by ensuring they are placed on trusted sites and eliminate the chances of ads showing on spammy websites

YouTube Trueview
via DV360

Precise tracking of post-view and view-through conversion for large scale trueview and bumper campaigns. The campaigns can be better optimized on DV360 with the help of AI & ML which offer the ability to track metrics of audience behaviour through each event.

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